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AJ Simon Enterprises Releases COVID-19 White Paper on Objective Symptom Screening to Safely Re-open the Economy

White Paper explains why current CDC Guidelines are insufficient to create robust consumer confidence and lack optimal balance of public health and economic activity

<<Yardley, PA, June 17, 2020>> As the country and the world attempt to balance the public’s health from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and return to economic activity from COVID-19 lockdowns, AJ Simon Enterprises LLC (AJSE) has assessed what is required to re-open the economy safely to regain consumer confidence. Leveraging AJSE’s extensive scientific experience in the space, the company has released a detailed white paper that explains how multimodal objective symptom screening (MOSS) optimizes the dual needs of protecting public health and enabling robust economic activity.

“The country needs a comprehensive screening and diagnostic algorithm,” said AJSE principal Adam J. Simon, “that is field-deployable at the point of use, rapid, affordable, accurate, noninvasive, scalable, and secure.” This means that all schools, colleges, office buildings, retail spaces, businesses, factories, even restaurants, casinos, and bars can rapidly screen people for COVID-19 symptoms with medical devices like thermometers, pulse oximeters, and spirometers.

Present CDC Health Checks (symptom screens and temperature checks) are insufficient. First, a verbal rundown of symptoms is likely to be rushed at best or skipped altogether. Second, the CDC’s COVID symptom list  has changed significantly (from fever, cough, and shortness of breath) and differs from the WHO’s list so staying current is a challenge. Third, dishonesty on self-report questionnaires is rampant and cannot be relied on. Fourth, fever (body temperature ≥ 38 °C) is only one symptom that presents in 35% of tested COVID positive cases so temperature checks alone will miss 65% of Health Checks. Fifth, CDC recommends Health Checks only in a small subset of economic activity and will not drive consumer confidence throughout the economy.

The white paper analyzes the need and then describes an affordable and accessible solution that does not require a healthcare professional to conduct a MOSS. A MOSS should be “fit-for-purpose,” meaning that an owner/employer could choose to rely on self-report symptoms and forehead temperature while another could choose to include pulse oximetry and spirometry as long as each meets the minimum requirements set by local, state, and national health authorities. Healthcare professionals, policy makers, employers, workers, and consumers will all benefit from reading the white paper and considering how “screened spaces” allow for a new normal until effective vaccines or antiviral therapies are available. The company’s free white paper is available for download here.

About AJ Simon Enterprises LLC

AJ Simon Enterprises LLC (AJSE) is a consultancy serving the life sciences and information technology industries. AJSE provides scientific and technical expertise, strategy, and innovative solutions to clients in need of a boost of creative thinking. Located in Yardley, PA, AJSE is led by Adam J. Simon, Ph.D., a physicist and globally recognized neuroscience assay and biomarker expert. Having worked on HIV vaccines, Hepatitis C antivirals, and Alzheimer’s disease assay development and biomarker qualification while at Merck Research Laboratories and neurodiagnostic medical devices at Cerora Inc, Dr. Simon is uniquely qualified to bring this innovative analysis. For more information, please visit ajsellc.com.

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