Past Clients have included:

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Worked with the Gamma-secretase team for just under four years to develop CSF Abeta42 and Total Tau IVD assays to be used in Phase 3 program enrollment and possible submission as a companion diagnostic. Also worked with regulatory team to get CSF Abeta42 and t-Tau qualified with the EMA and supported team at FDA in White Oak, MD. Collaborated with Saladax Biomedical/Ortho Clinical Diagnostics as well as Meso Scale Discovery. Supported Gamma when presenting to executive leadership at BMS.

Johnson & Johnson

Hired as consultant to Janssen Research & Development Alzheimer's disease clinical team regarding biomarkers. None of our work is in the public domain at this time.

Alzheimer's Association

Donated time to the CSF Biomarker team to standardize assays and standards globally in collaboration with experts from around the world.

Coalition Against Major Disease

Initially represented a client on the qualification of CSF biomarkers team before the US FDA, then continued to donate time in support of the collective team efforts.

MedNest LLC

Worked with Mattieu and his team to support a diverse set of clients in their market analysis and technology assessment to bring ex-US companies into the U.S. market.

Amarantus Biosciences

Former Scientific Advisory Board member in support of their diagnostic LymPro assay development and license activities.