Neuroscience Biomarkers

Dr. Simon is an internationally recognized expert in clinical biomarkers with many years experience while leading the BACE-inhibitor program in Alzheimer's disease, a major drug development program, while at Merck Research Laboratories. He has consulted to pharma and biotech clients and supported them before both the US FDA and Europe's EMA for the qualification of biomarkers as well as regarding co-development of in-vitro companion diagnostic devices.

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Data Analysis & Predictive Analytics

Dr. Simon is adept at many forms of rigorous statistical analysis and predictive modeling using advanced tools such as JMP Pro from SAS and R-language. In addition, he has used MATLAB and other tools to bring a quantitative approach to solve difficult problems. He can help your team bring an intelligent approach to even the most difficult data reduction and modeling tasks.

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IT & Clean Tech Assessment

Dr. Simon has helped a number of investors evaluate potential technology of other companies to sus out what is real and innovative and what is just noise. He is able to conduct a deep dive on just about any technology. As he has often said, even Einstein had to reduce complicated physics to a sentence or two. If it can't be understood easily, it is likely not real. Let him help you assess your next technology investment.

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