Here's what our former colleagues are saying about Dr. Simon.

Sethu Sankaranarayanan, formerly Research Fellow, Merck Research Labs

"Adam is an extremely talented and passionate scientist with a track record of innovation in his endeavors. This is evident in his success in diverse aspects of drug discovery including drug delivery, novel assay development, and biomarker discovery. As a manager, he was demanding in the science - with a strong focus on quality and timeliness. He enjoyed scientific discussion with the group and excelled at solving complex scientific issues. Adam was a strong advocate for his team, excellent at negotiating external relationships and championed numerous external projects to completion."

Joseph Vacca, formerly Merck Research Labs

"Adam is a detailed orientated scientist who worked very hard on all of his projects. He made sure that any data that he reported to us was correct and would check it himself. Adam was a good person to work with and was always willing to work in a team setting. He always put the project first and made sure that the right experiments were carried out. He was also very versatile and could learn new areas quickly. He was a good colleague and I can recommend him highly."

Jim Ray, formerly Merck Research Labs

"Adam is a bright, energetic, highly professional scientist who brings creativity and quantitative rigor to every challenge. In the 4 years I spent working with him he never failed to impress and made dozens of innovative contributions to the field of Alzheimer's disease, where he is recognized internationally."


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